Simply, but accurately, unhealthy stress is unfulfilment. Fulfilment has very little to do with the who, what when, where, why, how of life as one perceives/interprets it from without.

Fulfilment has so much more to do with the way one is relating to and through life as one feels it for one's self, from within, irrespective of external influences or circumstances. Stress and relaxation are opposite sides of the same coin and a balance of both is necessary for a healthy and fulfilling existence.

Acquiring and maintaining this balance is a unique experience for each individual. When balance is achieved and maintained, all is well, but if stress predominates, illness in body and/or mind invariably develops, the consequences of which can range from symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, depression, lethargy through to heart attacks, ulcers, cancer, asthma and skin disorders.

Learning about the little-explored and much-exploited relationship that exists and dynamically needs to exist, between body and mind, is a process of educating oneself anew, from within. Therein one will discover that there are other ways of responding to stressful experiences, other than the habitual pattern one may already be reactively/addictively ‘stuck' in.

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