Nothing or nobody outside of what one feels cures, heals or changes anyone! One does not learn from mistakes! Life does not really work the way we believe and are sheepishly led to believe, from the outside-in! Reality does not exist outside of or away from what one is already feeling! The ten commandments can be more accurately summarised in four words - “thou shalt not feel”, particularly thine “self”! Right and wrong, used as a means of understanding, is confusion organised, without it being recognised and the felt/sensed core of universal healing and meaning corrupted and compromised! Hence, whether it be Buddha speaking rhetorically about the trees in the forest, or Jesus sharing his parable of footsteps in the sand, or Shakespeare creatively struggling “to be or not to be”, or Shostakovich's brilliantly evocative rendition of the Gadfly, all are more realistically and artistically speaking of a truth that lies hidden in a freer and fuller experience of the felt/sensed human body. To many, any such journey translates “suffering”, most institutionalised religions encapsulating and promoting the delusionary safety and security of same, i.e. there's safety in suffering! Closer to truth, one does not suffer from feeling! One does suffer from “not feeling”. There is no evidence anywhere, on or off this planet, of anyone coming to harm from feeling! In discovering his path, Jesus Christ, for example, left the Jewish system to live a very simple life, committed to and through feeling and in developing his faith therein, his final message from the cross remains consistent with his profoundly individual life - be true to and through what you sense/feel from within, even when those you strive to love crucify you from without. Stay with the feel, whether you choose to go with it or not!

Whether it is education, law, religion, medicine, psychology and psychiatry, science continues to analytically stray and interpretitively lead people further from the truth of what lies hidden in the depths of the felt/sensed body. This highly individualised, inner core of collectivised healing and meaning, both words translating love (the tough and soft version combined), and one's experiential journey to and through same, provides for the craft, art, philosophy and goal of fertile Therapy, for both practitioner and client. Life is not about change, it is more accurately about ‘changing', an origin/destination-free journey to and through the evolving, intuitive truth of what you and I feel. On this journey one will repeatedly get “stuck”, the harbinger of change, the symptoms of said stuckness typically manifesting themselves physically and/or psychologically (mental/emotional).

It is typically during such experiences that the love goes missing, or the experiential means of maintaining one's faith therein becomes confused and distorted. Counselling/Therapy can help in establishing/restoring a clearer and more comfortable/comforting connection to the felt/sensed core of one's need for change, wherein the symptomatic messengers of same become invaluable guides to and through one's process and experience of recovering and maintaining balance. In effect, one will neither find anything or anybody more real than what one feels, nor will one find anything or anybody more helpful. Be aware that though the aforementioned is about me as it is written, it is about you as it is read! The understanding that will connect you/us dwells within!

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