Meditation is predominantly an Eastern technique that has a similarity to Self-Hypnosis in that it also induces a trancelike, neutral state. Meditation, put simply, is a more advanced type of relaxation, involving a deeper, more deliberate letting-go (of control), with a view to engaging a corresponding depth of felt/sensed experience, typically expressed in spiritual terms. Paradoxically, Meditation can help one to gain healthy control through letting-go of unhealthy control.

Meditation is an internalised form of prayer, achieved in and through a progressively-realised state of inner calm and silence, wherein the ‘more' of one's life will become apparent, to the degree that one has correspondingly let-go.

Meditation is about exploring and experiencing for one's self, from within one's self, how one's life ‘really' works, i.e. from the inside-out, therein exposing the many limitations, deceptions, exaggerations and entrapments of life as one perceives and figures it, from the outside-in.

Figuring makes life complex, feeling keeps life simple. Meditation provides one with a means of discovering the ‘real'ationship that already exists between the felt/sensed ‘in' and the figured ‘out'.

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