Homeopathy is a 200-year old, highly individualised medical system based upon a much more ancient principle of ‘like cures like'. Homeopathy acknowledges and endeavours to tap the inner core of change, recognising and respecting the enormous power that lies hidden in the depths of what we cannot see but can feel, exclusively from within.

Symptoms of disease are regarded as evidence of the body's self-healing activities, in sharp contrast to orthodox medicine, which not only typically treats symptoms only but also views symptoms as indicators of a malfunctioning, primordial, biological machine.

In fact, orthodox medicine, because it has developed such a highly impersonal, technologised way of looking at the human organism, has fallen into the habit of defining health simply as the absence of disease and/or the eradication of symptoms of same. Closer to truth, there is no change without crisis and corruption. Hence, one cannot get healthy without getting sick.

Homeopathic treatments seek to assist the body's self-regulating effort, instead of dampening or eradicating its symptomatic messengers, with a view to helping in the restoration of balance. The aim of Homeopathy is to treat the patient's complex symptom picture with a remedy whose known effects most closely resemble the symptoms of the disease. The goal of Homeopathy is to treat the patient as a whole person, according to both what is clinically observed and intuitively ‘felt', i.e. the ‘bigger' picture.

The proponents of modern technological medicine have objected to Homeopathy on the grounds that it is unscientific. However, as our understanding of our individual selves and our “real”ationship with the external universe continues to evolve, it will become increasingly apparent that homeopathy is actually more consistent with emerging scientific theory than any other form of medicine, and that this holistic, humane, gentle and natural approach to healing may well become the medicine of the future.

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