Family Mediation

More than the traditional, clinical approach to family change, separation/divorce is intrinsically emotional in its core challenge and change. Hence, Mediation is most effectively about identifying core needs for change from the inside-out, therein enabling correlated interpersonal and practical adjustments from the outside-in.

The Mediator's role is one of impartiality and objectivity, therapeutically assisting in establishing and maintaining balance between the death of the old and the birth of a new way of relating and living, for all concerned. To complement 20 years of accredited, multidisciplinary practice as a Counselling Therapist, I am delighted to offer an affordable, accessible and typically brief (3-5 sessions) Family Mediation Service . In addition, Counselling/Therapy is available for individuals who, before, during or after Mediation, require additional assistance with their change.

Invariably, couples who require Mediation are already “stuck” and struggling in “limbo”, trapped between two worlds. One world is exclusively internal, private and experiential; the other wholly external with all its obligations and impositions. In this regard, “limbo” can rapidly become the closest one can get to a living hell, particularly when one stays there for longer than one needs. The aim of Mediation is to help and support all participants in more clearly, comfortably and fully engaging their own process and experience of change, in and with love.

The first consultation will not only provide participants with the opportunity of reflectively assessing for themselves both the need for and the relevance of Mediation, it will also involve a dissemination of information regarding the process itself, along with gaining invaluable insights into what is “really” going on and “really” needing to go on, for all concerned. Parties are advised to seek legal counsel before commencing Mediation and, most particularly, before signing any final agreement.

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